Apple's Screen Time feature is aimed to help people put down their device

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- Whether you're texting or on social media, it can be hard to break away from your cell phone.

Screen Time is found in iPhone's settings.

But Apple's iOS feature called Screen Time might be able to help you and your children spend less time on your devices.

Especially if you're concerned that screens are taking time away from sleep, homework or exercise.

Screen Time can help parents regulate how much their child can be on their phone by setting app limits.

It can also restrict access to certain web browsers.

"Basically it records all your Screen Time, gives you a little read out at the end of the week," says Jo Hanson, Owner of Gadget Garage.

A new study shows that limiting children's screen time to less than two hours a day can help them with their brain function skills.

"I think this will help people become more productive in their every day lives instead of being on their phone all the time," says Daniel Ware, Co-Owner of Ware Repair.

Regulating how much you're on your phone can help you become the best role model you can be.

"Children learn by what they see, and so if you as a parent are constantly not watching or interacting with them, you're always interacting with your device, that's what they're going to want to do to," says Lisa Leech, mom.

Leech says the feature helps her family balance technology.

"I think there are some good Screen Time things, and a lot of things are computerized. So it's like, you want to have your kids have those skills too, but you want them to still interact with the real world," laughs Leech.

You can't experience the real world without setting down the phone first.

Researchers have also found limiting screen time and getting enough sleep can help children with their cognitive skills as well.