Legalization of marijuana in North Dakota

Published: Sep. 6, 2018 at 9:51 PM CDT
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"I think what's going to happen is businesses are going to make the best decision based on what the owner think is appropriate," said Dave Owen, Chairman of Legalize ND.

Dave Owen with the North Dakota Legalization Initiative tells us it depends on the business.

"If you are a construction business where you are operating heavy machinery, I can see a world where the drug test continues, and if you are a cashier at the Wendy's maybe they decide not to," said Owen.

The passing of marijuana doesn't stop a business owner from doing a random drug test, and the law allows you as an individual to smoke freely.

"If you don't like that rule from your boss you don't have to work for him, and if he doesn't like that you use marijuana he doesn't have to hire you," said Owen.

So what about concerns that the legalization will give police more work to do?

"The amount that we are spending to incarcerate a person for a year is roughly 40,000 dollars, by a way of comparison depending on how you want to do the math, we can send between four and five kids to UND with a full academic scholarship," said Owen.

Owen says that police will be able to shift their focus and address other issues.

"The meth problem by going after the meth dealers. They can deal with all the assaults that go unsolved," said Owen.

Brian Johnson who is running for Burleigh County States Attorney says that the impact the legalization will have is yet to be seen. He also says that legalization won't get rid of all crimes.

"Making sure that people are selling it legally and not to minors and things like that," said Brian Johnson.