NDT - Knowing when it is time for assisted living.

Tue Oct 15 10:25:47 PDT 2019

NDT - Knowing when it is time for assisted living.

It's something that we don't want to think about but is something that we might want to start planning for. When will I know when it is time to move mom and dad or even move yourself into assisted living. with us today we have Joyce Linnerud Fowler from Bethany Homes to give us the answer.

NDT - Summer Classes

Some great reasons to enroll in Summer Classes During a Pandemic.

NDT - Hacking Through Mask Fog

Do you wear glasses? Then you probably know about the plight of foggy glasses. We have some ways to help with that.

NDT - American Red Cross Blood Drive

The American Red Cross is hosting a Blood Drive at the Sheel's Area. Here is what you need to know.

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We go live with Abby in Grand Forks at the Memorial for the fallen Grand Forks Police Officer

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Dr. Reinardy stops by to talk about replacing toxic thoughts.


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