Sat Jun 15 20:53:27 PDT 2019

News @ 10 06/15/19

NDT - Why talking to infants and toddlers is important

New research finds that parents who frequently talk to their infants and toddlers not only help improve their vocabulary but also their nonverbal abilities such as reasoning and ability to understand numbers.

NDT - Senior Friendly Physical Activities

Keeping active in your old age is necessary to keep yourself healthy during your twilight years.

NDT - Cold Weather Accessories

Just because the weather is starting to get chilly, that doesn't mean we have to stop accessorizing, we just have to switch up our style.

NDT - UND Flying Team

UND is the only aerospace school in the state and it brings the best talent from all around. The University of North Dakota Flying Team are National Champions and they are with us today.

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