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How do you feel about YOUR hard-earned money paying for other people's attorney fees?

ND Rep Rick Becker talks Refugee Resettlement

2020 Hopeful Joe Biden Loses it at Iowa Town Hall.

David Owen, Chair of LegalizeND2020 joins us.

Trump 2020 Campaign Senior Advisor of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp joins us

The FACTS on Refugee Resettlement in North Dakota

Cass County Commission Chairman Chad Peterson talks about today's Refugee Resettlement

Leaders in both parties and both chambers come together to get something done for our farmers.

Blinded by Hate

ND's position as a Global Leader and the China trade deal.

Congressman Kelly Armstrong joins us to discuss the USMCA

Congressman Kelly Armstrong joins us to discuss the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings

President Trump's 2020 Legal Analyst and Constitutional Attny Jenna Ellis

ND Democrat Chairwoman Kylie Oversen joins me

Saturday Night Live skit or REAL?

ND Gov Doug Burgum says YES to keeping ND in the Refugee Resettlement program.

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