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The Ukraine saga continues.

President Trump pulling Troops out of Syria

ND Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread joins us

#RussiaHoax What say you?

How bad could things be in the spring of 2020?

Do you know why I love hockey players?

4th Democratic debate: Preview

Who were the ones displaying "hate" at the Trump rally in MPLS?

NEW ND Department of Commerce audit

Hunter Biden

Fighting for the Truth

We welcome President Trump to MN

Why you should care about Turkey invading Syria and what it means to you.

Is Sen Lindsey Graham going to call Joe and Hunter Biden to testify?

Former Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota Michelle Fischbach joins us.

BIG Keep America Great Rally in Mpls Thursday night

Can President Trump Make MN Red Again in 2020?

Man threatening another man's life just because he is a Trump supporter

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