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Rep. Jake Blum Joins us to talk about Bloated Fiscal notes, Socialism and much more

Is Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison is Wrong.

Sen Bernie "Santa Clause" Sanders - 2020

Did Unelected Career Swamp Creatures Stage a Silent Coup?

Capitalism vs Socialism

Truth About Your Tax Returns

Cindy Gomez-Schempp fills us in on the caravan.

Trump had an epic Presser today about the National emergency down at our border

Giving Hearts Day - Pat Traynor

Cocaine Mitch

Deep State or Silent Coup?

Pres Trump will declare a National Emergency

SB2266: what it is and who it's for

NDSU's Dr. Ripplinger Joins us to discuss the local Economic Impact of the green new deal

According to AOC it's the END. Can this Green New Deal Save us?

The Matto Foundation - Giving Hearts Day

Senator John Hoeven Joins us to discuss the New Border deal and much more

Healing Vets Initiative - Giving Hearts Day

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