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So will Mexicans now be considered Racist, Xenophobes?

How did STOP LINE 3 protesters mistakenly cost a logging company a $100,000?

Will Gov. Burgum sign it or veto the Water projects bill?

What happened in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday?

Who else was at the President's event?

Was President Trump's Tax Act beneficial to farmers in MN?

What does this Business Owner think of The Presidents Tax Cuts?

So what was President Trump doing in MN on Tax Day?

do we have RECORD BREAKING apprehensions at the Border?

Sen Hoeven responds to President Trump

Why Does Rep. Ruth Buffalo stand with Congresswoman Omar?

Do people coming to our southern border think it's, "like a picnic, it's like Disneyland"

Will Fargo get the full $300M from North Dakota for the Diversion?

What did the #FakeNewsForum do this time?

Why did Sen. Janne Myrdal vote no on the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library?

Is the CollusionDelusion OVER?

Can The Army Corps of Engineers be the most efficient way to get flood protection in Fargo?

Why does Congressman Colin Peterson not trust Robert Mueller and will He Run in 2020?

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