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What will it take to keep our Schools Safe?

Could President Trump's New Immigration Plan Be Any Better?

How long has this counter investigation been going on?

Did You Know It Was National Peace Officer Memorial Day and National Police Week?

How does The State Auditor feel about the Situation with the changes in his office?

What is President Trump's Trade Strategy?

Do you think State Auditor Josh Gallion should be free to do his performance audits?

Will Farmers appreciate what President Trump is doing for them?

Will the legislature go back in session to fix the bill that hamstrung our State Auditor Josh Gallion?

What did the MN Farm Bureau President think of today's Veep Visit?

What was it like for the Johnson family to host vice president pence?

Why Did Vice President Mike Pence Come To A Local Farm In MN Today?

Do the ends ever justify the means to the Media, Deep State and Democrats?

How many illegal immigrants have been released into the country this fiscal year?

What Option do Teachers really have if they suffer mentally on the job?

What did Senator Cramer Find out at his meeting at the White House?

What is Grand Farm and why is it important to the future of farming and North Dakota?

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