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Ross Johnson of Agassiz Sales show us this Million Dollar machine.

President Trump's Winning Immigration Policy

Is there a looming recession or is President Trump's Economy Booming?

Farmers Push USMCA at The Capitol

Does Rep. Omar understand her comments about 9/11 were devastating?

Where was Valley News Live Superstar Reporter Joshua Peguero on the Day our Country was Attacked?

Where are we at with Special Assessments?

105 years old and lives in the same house she was born in.

WHY is the FEA taking the Fargo School Board to court?

First day at Big Iron

What New and Beautiful Product has Tommy Fisher, from Fisher Industries come out with this time?

Is the Hispanic population in ND growing fast enough to solve our workforce issues?

Is President Trump's ART of the Deal the reason Illegal Immigration at our southern border is down.

Why is NFL Super Star QB Drew Brees Under Attack?

BIG NDSU v UND game this Saturday.

Does Congressman Armstrong agree with Israel on Rep Omar and Rep Tlaib?

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