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Native Americans Part 2

Native Americans Part 1

Hoeven China Trade Deal

PURE EVIL and how Rep Ilhan Omar reacts to it.

Do you see it yet?

Senator Kevin Cramer Joins us during BREAKING NEWS about the Iran strikes.

The TRUTH about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard

Fargo City Comm. Tony Gehrig joins us to discuss why your taxes might go up.

US Senate candidate Jason Lewis shares his POV on Iran

THANK YOU and GREAT JOB to Chairman Collin Peterson

Is Speaker Pelosi guilty of Obstruction of Congress?

Tomorrow will be a historic day for our grand experiment called the united states of America.

Bushel Raises over $19.5M in Series B Funding for reinvestment and expansion.

Can we all agree Pres Trump made the right decision to FIRE Jim Comey?

Impeach 44? Could President Barack Obama be impeached?


US Senate candidate in MN Jason Lewis

GOP National spokesperson Liz Harrington joins us to discuss FISA abuse.

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