ND Voter ID and Native Americans

Native American Round Table w/ Sen Heitkamp

Sen Heitkamp answers a victims question

Analysis of US Senate Debate in ND

President of Concerned Women for America Penny Nance talks about the #MeToo movement and more

Should Sen. Heitkamp do more to fix this travesty?

Special: Tonight's Feedback

Sen Heitkamp puts victims lives in danger. Hear her story.

Survivor talks about how she did not give consent for Sen Heitkamp to use her name

Sen Heitkamp using people's personal pain for political gain

Build the Wall, Fund the Wall

Sen Joni Ernst says Heitkamp vote "reprehensible"

Point of View Web Exclusive: IA US Sen Joni Ernst

U.S. House Majority Leader McCarthy talks about the Farm Bill

Tonight we have an exclusive interview with Rep. McCarthy

Clarice Leichty: How Dare Kevin Cramer Pay His Wife for Campaign Work

SPECIAL Point of View Town Hall with Congressman Kevin Cramer

WHY people are freaking out about Kanye West on the Trump Train

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President Trump Visits Fargo -June 27

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