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Trump vs Ryan

Will Fargo Public Schools listen to the experts when it comes to teacher safety?

Will things for Fargo Schools be better under new leadership?

What really went down with Former Park Director?

What was Sec. Acosta thinking?!?!

What does Ag Economy Expert Dr. David Kohl have to say about our Ag Situation?

Is President Trump a little biased when it comes to North Dakota?

Did you enjoy the Salute to America extravaganza?

Are you Prepared for One of the Most Critical Periods in Agriculture?

Are you excited for President Trump's Salute to America celebration?

Do you agree with the AG's opinion that sided with State Auditor Josh Gallion?

What is the REAL manufactured Crisis at the border?

What does the F-M Area Chamber have to say about how fast the area is growing?

What are Police facing in the F-M Area and what crimes are on the rise?

Will The Need To Know Morning Show Crew convince us Tommy Fisher should Build The Wall?

So what did the crew of the Need To Know Morning Show think about the Debates?

What happens when the Need to Know Morning Show takes over POV?

What is Next for Tommy Fisher and The Border Wall?

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