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Why did Israel ban these congresswomen?

Why is President Trump saying the things he is about background checks and Red Flag Laws?

Will ND Elected Officials Sign off on Red Flag Laws?

Are we winning the Trade war?

Could Red Flag Laws be abused?

Is the city of Fargo GIVING away money to corporations while YOU, the working person, pick up the tab?

Suicide or Murder?

How much longer can this This Trade War last?

What is a Youth Drag Show?

Why is President Trump Giving in to Democrats?

Why is Baker Mayfield becoming America's favorite QB?

How do we solve the heart crisis in America?

So what did Sen. Keven Cramer think of the Democrat Debates?

How much closer are we to getting that big beautiful wall?

Did we spend too much in the new budget?

What does Sen. Hoeven have to say to these Presidential candidates politicizing a mass shooting?

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