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Will Speaker Nancy Pelosi Stop playing political games and get with the program?

Could all roads lead back to President Obama?

What happen to funding the wall?

How long must we wait for the USMCA?

Who Pay's for the Tariffs and What does the Trade Aid mean for the Market?

Will Fargo Public Schools Finally Break Their Silence?

Did you know you and your family are under attack?

Will Fisher Industries Get This Contract for The Wall?

Should We Continue This Trade War with China?

Will The United States Go To War With Iran?

Should the Fargo School Board "Button Their Lips"?

What does this Trade War look like from an Ag Banker's Perspective?

What Does Ag Sec. Sonny Perdue Think of this New Round of Trade Aid to Farmers?

Will The Fargo School Board ever calm the hostilities with parents over boundary issues?

Who is Funding The Caravans and Is it a "Manufactured Crisis" with a twist?

What will it take to keep our Schools Safe?

Could President Trump's New Immigration Plan Be Any Better?

How long has this counter investigation been going on?

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