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Minnesota 'voice banking' service helps those who lose ability to speak

Minnesota DNR develops app to track bear sightings

Walking robot maker prepares to unleash dog-like machine

North Dakota county to implement OpenGov software

Zuckerberg apologizes to senators, says Facebook working with Mueller probe

Tiangong 1: Tracking the Chinese satellite falling to Earth

Expert says Brexit campaign used data mined from Facebook

Warplanes pushed to new limits thanks to communications technology

Snow blower clears driveway without you

iPhone X Is Here — Is This as Good as It Gets For Apple?

Facebook wants to kill the password

Samsung Hopes To Regain Consumer Trust With Release Of Galaxy S8

As the Senate Moves In on Internet Privacy, How Can You Keep Your Searches Private?

These 3 apps can help you monitor your teens' activities online

New tracking technology could help end the headache of lost luggage

Reddit users take WikiLeaks to task over email dumps and Russia

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