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NASA spacecraft rockets toward sun for closest look yet

Grieving orca still carrying her dead calf more than 2 weeks later

A lake on Mars? Discovery of liquid water below planet's surface stokes hopes of finding life

Jupiter’s moon count climbs to 79, including tiny ‘oddball’

Astronomers report first image of baby planet being formed

Cockroach milk? Scientists call insect dairy the next superfood

Kilauea lava flow activity in lower Puna, Hawaii

Scientists looking to turn astronaut poop into space food

Blue moon, supermoon, total lunar eclipse rolled into one

Officials: After deadly year, right whales could become extinct

New dinosaur looks like odd mix of duck, croc, ostrich, swan

Abominable snowman? DNA study says yetis are just bears

'Potentially hazardous' asteroid projected to pass by Earth

NDSU physics department to offer safe viewing of eclipse

NASA astrophysicist says Americans should be excited yet cautious with total solar eclipse on horizon

Countdown to solar eclipse

SpaceX Rocket Re-Launch

NASA Announces Major Exoplanet Discovery

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