Zebra mussel pulled from the Fargo Water Treatment Plant intake

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The Fargo Water Treatment Plant is now joining the battle against aquatic invasive species in the Red River after a zebra mussel was found at the river bank intake.

With millions and millions of gallons flowing from the river to the Fargo Water Treatment Plant every day, there's plenty to keep track of.

After hearing zebra mussels were found in the Red River, the plant added another item to the top of the list.

"We just wanted to check it out. We didn't expect to find any problems but we wanted to check," Troy Hall, the Fargo Water Utility Director, said.

After lifting one of its intake structures from the river bank a one inch, adult zebra mussel was found attached.

"We knew it was going to show up eventually," Hall said.

Hall said the aquatic invasive species won't affect your drinking water, the taste or the cost, but they will become a nuisance if not controlled.

"If they start multiplying on our screen, they could cake the screen and restrict flow or in the piping going to the water plant," Hall said.

To make sure the water plant is zebra mussel free, screens coated in copper will replace the old ones.

"zebra mussels won't attach to this," Hall said.

Plus, a chemical will be sprayed where the Red River enters into the piping to further protect the water system.

Zebra mussels have been found in other bodies of water in the Red River Valley.

To do your part, thoroughly clean your water equipment, like boats and trailers, after being out.

Pull all drain plugs before transporting a boat on the road and dispose in a garbage can, any unused bait, not back in the water.