Zamboni driver arrested for DUI

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FARGO, N.D. A zamboni driver working during a Davies High School girls hockey game was arrested for allegedly driving drunk Friday night.

Clay Whittlesey, the Fargo Park District Recreation Director, says people watching the game at the South Sports Arena noticed the driver weaving on the ice before hitting the boards with the zamboni.

Fargo police was called and 27-year-old Steve Anderson was arrested for a DUI.

It’s a situation Fargo parks said could have been more dangerous but luckily, no one else was on the ice at the time.

"It was a very strange call and I was very surprised to receive it,” said Director Clay Whittlesey. “Obviously, we have zero tolerance for situation like this. This just cannot happen. I'm extremely grateful that no one was hurt, because someone could have been seriously injured or possibly even killed in a situation like this."

The investigation is on-going, but Whittlesey said he assumes the zamboni driver smuggled boozed into work.

Anderson has been fired as a part-time employee for the Fargo Park District.