You've Been Hacked, The New Face Of Private Investigators

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Hackers. You might be thinking the bad guys, but some believe the name is getting a bad rap. A local private investigator considers himself a hacker, the good kind.

Last week we showed you a story of the "traditional" private eye. But, there’s another kind that’s popping up, modern day version. Who are working to protect your cyber world.

Somewhere in Fargo-Moorhead, we won't say where, Steve Gaber is hacking in a bright office. He's one of the "good guys."

"If I hack your system and I don't have the proper permissions then i am just as bad as the bad guys," says Steve.

Once upon a time you needed to lock your house, your car, and protect your purse. But these days criminals have it much easier.

Every time you log online you could be leaving you're front door wide open. "We can be robbed in our very home, where before you had to go out and do it," says Steve.

And they can get away with so much more. Steve can't just hack anyone, to be the good guy he has to have a client’s permission, or a search warrant.

And if he gets that he'll make a copy of your computer down to the smallest detail, and find evidence to prove how you got hacked and who did it.

"Most of the time in cases we work with there is no prosecution, simply because the goal is to recoup the financial loss for our client to gain back what it is that they lost and unfortunately with criminal prosecution you don't always reach that goal," says Steve.

A job he says is quite boring, "calculator is really my greatest tool."

Hours of adding, typing, and copying information. He could give you tips for days on how to protect your cyber world. But, with millions and millions of people getting hijacked there's a whole new clientele for Steve, the new face of private investigators.

He's currently going through training to be fully licensed in the area of cyber investigations.

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