"Young people, you made a mistake."

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) - It’s a bizarre story we’ve been investigating for almost a week now out of Grand Forks. A viewer alerted us to a situation involving players on the Grand Forks Central Junior Varsity Baseball Team. A group of these young athletes participated in a sexual act with a sandwich and a bottle of Gatorade while others took pictures, and supposedly, video.

Last Thursday was the first Valley News Live was told about the Grand Forks Central High School Baseball Team supposedly putting bodily fluids onto a chicken sandwich and into a bottle of Gatorade, and then forcing other players on the team to consume it.

We called the school district and were directed to Associate Principal Jon Strandell, who only confirmed that “players were suspended for an incident on a bus following the team’s final game of the season.” Strandell would not go into detail, but did say only six were suspended out of the 15-18 players on the bus at the time.

Since then, numerous phone calls and emails have come in with more allegations of what actually happened. Simple Twitter searches began yielding results that basically confirmed the rumors. Bethany tweeted “Moral of the story boys are gross.” Kyle tweeted “never been more disgusted in my life.” This was followed by Jordyn tweeting out “Never eating a McChicken again thanks to the classy JV boys, :)”.

We called the District again, this time they were willing to talk.

"Bottom line is some young people made mistakes,” explained GFCHS Principal Buck Kasowski.

Kasowski would not get into the specifics of what happened on the bus.

“The incident in question: was it of a sexual nature at all?” asked Reporter Bradford Arick.

“That’s not something I can tell you,” replied Kasowski.

The Administration did cite FERPA laws as one main reason they could not disclose specific information regarding what occurred on the bus. Kasowski did, again, confirm the three day suspensions, which he said are standard for the District. He said disciplinary action did not end the team’s season, it was over anyway and they had just played their last game. Also, in our initial investigation, it was believe the players were forced into eating the sandwich and drinking the Gatorade.

"According to our investigation that is not true. Furthest thing from the truth,” answered Kasowski.

"I think that what they did was really gross but, I guess it was their decision to do what they did,” stated GFCHS Corryn Miller.

Miller said most of the students heard about what happened from other students and from social media, and most were pretty disgusted.

"I know that if it were me, I don't know that I would be able to come back to Central. I think that just having to face my peers again, I would probably go to a different school,” she said.

That’s what most of the students Valley News Live talked with said, too. They were embarrassed and ashamed by what happened, concerned now about the reputation of Grand Forks Central students and the baseball program.

Valley News Live did obtain a copy of the picture of the food in question during the incident. We have chosen not to show it.

The Grand Forks Police said the school has not reported the incident to them and had no idea of the situation until we asked them about it. They also said since nobody was forced into the act, there was no real criminal element to it. However, they did add, depending on what is shown in the alleged pictures and videos of what happened, there could potentially be charges of distributing child pornography.