Woodhaven residents still dealing with mail problems

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SOUTH FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) It’s been more than a month since Valley News Live reported people living in Woodhaven, a South Fargo Development, were experiencing problems with their mail. Since that first report, the problem appears to have not gotten better.

The Woodhaven Community Facebook Page is flooded with posts every day talking about what mail issue is impacting them that particular day. One poster showing seven pieces of mail they received in their mail box that wasn’t for them.

Jeannie Roerick lives in Woodhaven. Roerick said she hasn’t lost any mail, but has received her neighbor’s mail many times.

"One day I got three people's mail in my mailbox and it was the three houses down from us. Otherwise, I have not noticed my mail being missing. I've noticed people walking around handing out mail. Just opening up the mailboxes randomly and putting it in there, which you're not supposed to do, but you have to deliver it somehow,” Roerick said.

USPS released the following statement to us about this ongoing issue.

‘The Postal Service is committed to providing outstanding service to its customers. In this case, we are completing the necessary steps to address the service issues experienced by the residents of Woodhaven and hope to soon be providing the type of service our customers deserve and expect.’