Woman gets kicked out of FargoDome for using men's bathroom

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) A night that was meant to be a wonderful Mother's Day gift to see Garth Brooks was cut short for a Lake Park woman before the first note was even played.

Thousands of people head towards the FargoDome for what is deemed as a night to remember.

But for one woman and her husband they were escorted out before the show even began.

Samantha Bergh says, "Right before Garth Brooks was to start we went to the bathroom. The women's line was a good 100 people long. Tt was insanely long and there was no wait for the men's so I just went into the men's."

Samantha says there was a security guard and a Fargo Police Officer waiting to escort them out of the venue.

The FargoDome General Manager was unaware of this incident but says when a women uses the men's bathroom she would usually just get a warning unless the conversation escalated.

"I hadn't even been drinking. I wasn't drunken belligerent, rude or anything like that."

Fargo Police say when you have over 20,000 people coming together for an event as big as a Garth Brooks concert, officers are on-site but they are there to do security not enforcement so when an incident arises it's up to the FargoDome's discretion.

The FargoDome encourages those attending events to move around the concourse to look for shorter or even no lines for the bathrooms.

They have porter potties in smoking areas as well as open additional restrooms and other areas that usually are not available.

Samantha says she wasn't the only one.

"There was other girls in the men's bathroom actually. When I left the bathroom there was a woman in the men's bathroom using the bathroom and all along in the other bathrooms there was women using the bathrooms. It was happening all over the place."

She was devasted when the FargoDome security guard took her Garth Brooks concert ticket then asked her and her husband to leave all because of the bathroom she used depriving her of something she had been looking forward for months.

"I'll never get that back. Nothing will ever give me that experience back."

The FargoDome also says that there are peak times to use the restrooms at events and that using the opposite sex's bathroom is discouraged.