Winter weather blows into the northern valley

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Winter made a dramatic entrance in the northern valley today.
The Grand Forks Police Department reported 23 fender benders around the city this morning.
It was more of the same, as the heaviest snow and wind made its way into northwestern Minnesota.
The wind howled through most of the night and quickly brought in winter. It was clear at 5 a.m., but by 6 a.m. it already looked like a scene from January.
Reporter: “Were you already out driving this morning?”
Carmen Knutson, Fisher: “I was out at 5 a.m. and it was fine. It’s not so great now. I’m a little nervous, but welcome to winter.”
In town, roads quickly became compacted and icy, and many folks found themselves in the middle of a close call.
Several drivers like this one, took this curve too fast, but were lucky enough to slid through a restaurant driveway without crashing into anything.
Veterans of all this, take it in stride.
Marcie Jenkins, Crookston: “It’s normal for Minnesota. Like I tell everybody, I’d rather put on layers than take it all off, ha.”
Reporter: “So, you like winter?”
Karissa Jenkins, Crookston: “Yeah, I like the snow and playing in it.”
Out on Highway 2 passing vehicles hitting pillow drifts caused a bit snow fog. There were patches of dry roads and icy roads.
Right now I’m at Mentor, 22 miles east of Crookston, along Highway Two. At daybreak it’s clear our warm fall is over. We made it to November 19th, but winter has arrived in northwestern Minnesota.
Jason Ekstein, Mentor: “It’s a little too early. It could stay away a little bit longer. Yeah, I love winter, it could just stay away a little longer.”
And while some folks will tell you they like winter, you’ll find they may have ulterior motives.
Reporter: “So, what do you think of winter arriving?”
Jim Heibert, Grand Forks: “Perfect, we’re flying out to go to Arizona… couldn’t take the pressure, ha.”