Winter Sports Not Melting Over Warmer Temps

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Our winter weather is not quite what snowmobilers have been dreaming of.

"The weather we're going to have this weekend, it won't affect racing too much. It makes the snow a little bit stickier and more wet but there's plenty of snow out there so the race is going to be as good as ever,” explained 12-time X Games medalist and two-time World Champion Snocross Racer Tucker Hibbert.

Temperatures are forecast to be seasonably warmer this weekend and Valley News Live wanted to know what the impact of that meant for winter sports enthusiasts around the valley.

‘Old Man Winter’ is not officially on the clock yet and things have gone from the marshmallow world of winter back to the brown of fall. But not everywhere.

"You know, as soon as it got cold enough we were making snow. The extended forecast was kind of calling for this. We left it piled up as long as we could,” explained Kevin Nathe with Buffalo River Race Park.

The sound of snowmobiles at the Park meant it was a big weekend. And the double edged sword of warmer weather has its ups and downs.

"Spectator wise, it’s fantastic to come and watch. Track builder wise, the guys and the groomers are struggling today because it just it gets so rough and it gets so hard to work with because it gets so sticky,” Nathe said.

"It softens up the snow a little bit so there's some great snow out there, real nice for turning and carving,” Detroit Mountain GM Jeff Staley pointed out.

Detroit Mountain is wide open and wants you to hit the slopes. The facility is not worried about the warm weather forecast either: their equipment is ready to let it snow.

"Even though you don't have snow in your backyard, we have tons of snow here. We've probably made about 15 million gallons worth of snow. We've got an 8 million gallon holding pond for our snow making powered by a thousand gallon per minute pump,” explained Staley.

Both Jeff Staley and Kevin Nathe said just because the mercury was rising a little bit, do not get left out in the cold. There is still plenty of winter fun, just maybe not in your own backyard. Both the Buffalo River Race Park and Detroit Mountain are expecting huge crowds throughout the weekend as they say people will undoubtedly take advantage of the above average temps.