West Fargo 18-Year-Old Wins Guardianship over Siblings

It is a good day for a West Fargo teenager trying to keep her family together. Mackenzie Jackson was granted guardianship of her siblings on Thursday.

Jackson just graduated from West Fargo High School last year and has been fighting for custody after both of her parents passed away. Her brother and sister, 14-year-old Spencer and 16-year-old Meagan, have been in foster care a few months before their father's death in early January. Their mother died of heart problems two years ago.

Thursday night was a first for MacKenzie Jackson, walking through her old halls for her sister's parent teacher conference at West Fargo High School. The 18-year-old takes on her two siblings on February 27th but is already stepping into the role.

"Any emotion you can feel I'm probably that," says Jackson.

After Jackson's family lost their parents, that's when she decided to take on her two siblings.

"Our parents are always going to be with us, we like to talk about them, but it's going to be very different growing up, compared to how we were growing up," says Jackson.

And all this happened a day before her 19th birthday.

Now Jackson doesn't have full custody of her brother and sister just yet. She'll act as more of a foster parent. Her court date has been set in August and that's when she'll find out if she has full legal custody of her siblings.

Mackenzie told Valley News Live the custody issue was a lot to deal with on top of the pain of losing both mom and dad. She adds that all the siblings want is to be together as a family.