Wedding Wednesdays: Event Spaces & Decorations

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Weddings, anniversaries, birthday or graduation. There's plenty of big life events that call for a big celebration.

Director of Wedding Sales at Avalon Events Center, Joe Phelps, says the first thing to do when planning is to set your guest list.

"With guest numbers you have to know it so you know which space to get." Joe says.

Step two is to create a budget.

"You need to stay to budget." Joe says. "I really hate to tell this to people because I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but you don't want to be paying your wedding off for 10 or 15 years. Stick to your budget and when you get close to that budget think about what you can cut back on."

And keep an eye out for hidden costs.

"When you're booking something, ask that sales person 'hey is there anything you're going to nickle and dime me about' and you don't have to worry about coming off rude or anything, because it's your day and your budget." Joe explains.

Then once you've chosen a spot, the next step is planning how to decorate. Leanne Seibold is a Designer and Owner from The Green Room, and she not only has decorations for rental but her creative ideas too.

"Sometimes where there's a couple different people who are involved in planning a wedding, and sometimes it's nice to meet with all involved and really zone in and figure out which ideas will be great, which will be expensive and which are obtainable, and figure out what is going to work best for you." Leanne explains.

"When you go to a space come with ideas on how to fill it, and go when it's decorated so you can get a better idea of the space. Play up on the idea of a few different arrangement sizes so you get a little bit of a different variety."

And instead of owning dozens of vases and mirrors, renting decorations can help save on the cost and trouble.

"Renting is a great way to get something a little bit more unique, and think outside the box, and yet not have to home and figure out what to do with everything." Leanne says.

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