Warriors Against ND Common Core Say Opt Out Of Testing

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Warriors against North Dakota's Common Core Curriculum say they think you should opt your kids out of standardized tests. Lawmakers in Bismarck are trying to pass a law that would allow parents to do so.

Legally, parents can already do so for most tests. But, some parents say educators don't always grant that request.

A group called operation opt out is pushing to make sure all parents can choose whether they want their kids taking these exams. They are supporting House Bill 1283.

"They don't really reflect how a student is doing academically, because if one child answers it this way and another child answers it this way, then it goes on for a different question for each of those children, parents can't see those tests, and as a parent we have a right to know what's going on in our child's education."

Some teachers are against the bill, saying it's a slippery slope. They say the less kids who take these tests could affect the way two billion dollars in state funding will be spit up.

The bill passed in the House, it still needs to be passed in the Senate.

Operation Opt-Out Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/optoutnd/

Opt-Out Website: http://www.optoutnd.com