Valley Today's Lisa Budeau takes a ride in Fat Albert

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The sky over Fargo has been very busy the last few days.

You have no doubt heard the Blue Angels practicing their high flying maneuvers over Fargo in preparation for this weekend.

Valley news team's Lisa Budeau got a chance to ride on one of the larger planes that kicks off the Fargo Airsho!

The fighter jets may be the stars of the Fargo Airsho but this big guy can hold it's own.

I was given the opportunity to ride on the Blue Angels Fat Albert.

Fat Albert carries all of the maintenance equipment for the blue angels f-18 fighter jets. It also transports crew.

I was able to take a ride to see what this plane can do and it's impressive.

It pulled a g-force of two and traveled 370 mph.

It made several low passes over the Fargo airport and surrounding area, dropping to a lowest elevation of just 50 feet.

It was a wild ride.

"We do a lot of maneuvers and very close to the ground so people can see it... but really... it's like an 8 minute roller coaster ride," Mark Hamilton, the Fat Albert pilot, said.

It is only an eight minute ride but it is intense.

It got very hot in the plane and they actually gave all of us this air sickness bags.

I didn't have to use mine but several people did.

It was a fun ride. I got to see the flight from the inside but everyone can see it from the ground this weekend.

The Fat Albert pilot, Mark Hamilton, is a Minnesota native.

He is from Becker, Minnesota which is near St. Cloud.

He has been with the angels for one year and since this is the closest show so far to his hometown, he has a lot of family in Fargo this weekend watching him perform.