Valley Today Golf Lesson: Putt Line Drill

Every year people spend millions of dollars trying to improve their golf game. Just look in any golfers garage or basement and your bound to find a few "bad" putters.

But what if you could improve your putting with something as simple and cheap as a Sharpie?

In this week's Valley Today Golf Lesson Edgewood head pro Greg McCullough shows us how a little marker can make you better on the green.

Basically you want to draw a line on your golf ball. You can use products like "Line Em' Up" to make it straight or just draw one by hand.

Really what we are going to work on is our contact with the ball. When you're practicing, if you contact the club face square the line should roll end over end. If you hit it open or closed you're going to see a lot of wobbling of the line.

For the full lesson just click on the video. Greg also offers group and individual lessons throughout the summer. Click the link for more information.