Valley Today Golf Lesson: Putt Distance Game

Practice makes perfect, but it doesn't always make for a lot of fun.

Of course three putts aren't much fun either, so in this week's Valley Today Golf Lesson Edgewood head pro Greg McCullough shows us a game you and your family or friends can play on the putting green that won't even seem like practice.

Greg says one of the things that he sees in good putters is that they always hit the putt the correct length.

To practice your distance control, set one of your clubs about 2 feet behind the hole. Then hit some putts from different lengths and try and get the ball between the hole and the club.

To keep score, anything that goes in or stops between the hole and the club counts as 3 points. If you hit the club or go over the club or go short of the hole you lose 1 point.

First person to 21 wins.

For the full lesson just click on the video. Greg also offers group and individual lessons throughout the summer. Click the link for more information.