Valley Today App of the Week: My Fitness Pal

At it's core My Fitness Pal is a calorie counter. It tracks how many calories you take in and how many you burn off.

When you log in just set up a plan with your own personal goals and My Fitness Pal will give you a diet and exercise program just for you.

My Fitness Pal is something we've used off and on for several years now and it really does work.

It's also very easy to use. The app has the largest food database, more than 5 million items and growing, it also remembers your favorites so once you get the hang of it, it takes just seconds to add and save entire meals.

Entering your exercise and activity is even easier because most of the time My Fitness Pal will do it for you. It connects with dozens of fitness trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, Runkeeper and more.

It has it's own built in step tracker if you'd rather use that or you can manually enter your cardio and strength training.

My Fitness Pal claims 88% of users who track their calories for 7 days or more will lose weight, and it's reviews are through the roof.

Consumer Reports rated it the #1 diet app, it was a PC Magazine Editor's Choice and has been the #1 heath and fitness app on iTunes for the past 4 years.

My Fitness Pal is free and they don't even try to trick you with in-app purchases. You can download it for Apple and Android.