Valley Today App of the Week: Moment

This week we checked out Moment, an app to track how much you and your family use your cell phone.

If you feel like you're losing your kids or spouse to their phones, or maybe you find yourself staring down at your screen too much, Moment might be just what you are looking for.

Moment tracks how much you use your iPhone or iPad automatically, how many times you pick up your iPhone each day and can even force you off your device when you're over your limit.

Moment also has a family option so you can easily keep an eye on everyone's screen time.

You can even turn on what they call "Family Dinner Time." So any time someone picks up their phone an annoying alert will go off.

One warning for the parents though, kids have power too, so if they notice you on your phone while you're all watching a family movie together they can turn on "Dinner Time" and keep you off your phone.

Moment does need to be running in the background and that can drain your battery so you might want to keep an eye on what it does to your phone.

Moment is free to download and use but it's only available for Apple right now. They are working on an Android version and you can get on an email list to find out when it's released.