Up Before The Sun: Valley Today

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The Up Before The Sun series is wrapping up for the month, and we thought it'd be a good time to show you behind the scenes of the Valley Today show.

Many people ask the crew questions from how many people it takes to make the show work to who does the makeup? We answered many of them Live on air, but here's some more answers.

From Dan: "I don't get it ? It's 5:00 am for Pete's sake. How do all of you look so fresh and wide awake ? It's not fair. LOL P.S. - What in the world time to you get up ?"
Answer: It does take work to look awake some days! Kristi gets up at 2:30am, Lisa Mick and Kyle get up more around 3/3:15am. We all try to get enough sleep to look fresh, but makeup does help take away the bags under the eyes.

From Ashley: "How many people work behind the cameras to bring us newscasts everyday? Is there always someone at the station to cover breaking news at any time?"
Answer: We have 2 production assistance in the studio moving cameras and helping our anchors in the studio. Kristi has a photographer with her to shoot live shots. As for breaking news if it happens right before or during our show then Kristi and her photographer Norman would be sent, if it's at midnight there's someone who is on-call and has a camera with them that would get sent.

From Barb: "How much coffee (ounces or gallons, either/or) do you estimate it takes to produce one morning show?"
Answer: Our crew makes many pots through the morning for those who are at the station through the show, don't know if we can count how mach they all drink! Nearly everyday Kyle has a pop, and Lisa also has a pop or goes for an iced coffee after the show. As for Kristi & Norman they drink a to-go cup on our way to their story.

Question: "Who does your makeup?"
Answer: We don't have any makeup artists at the station, each person is in charge of applying their own.

Question: "Do you like getting up so early?"
Answer: Many of the crew members agree there are positives and negatives to getting up early. One thing that isn't the greatest is an early bed time. Sometimes, especially in the summer, you can miss out on events. But on the positive side because we start our day so early it also finishes early. Above all the crew loves their jobs and so the hours don't matter.

For more of the conversations we had about our schedules and jobs watch the videos attached to this story.