UND Police Investigate Assault Report at Fraternity House

The University of North Dakota Police Department, in conjunction with the Grand Forks Police Department, is investigating an assault that may have happened on the property of a fraternity house on campus.

Police say a male, non-UND student was assaulted at the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity House the early morning of Sunday, August 30. UND Police received the report on Monday, August 31. The person who reported the crime says those involved in the assault made comments about the victim’s sexual orientation.

UND Police say it is believed this incident may be connected to a call for service received from Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity members at the same time for assistance with a physical altercation occurring on the fraternity’s property.

The UND Police Department asks that anyone with information contact the UND Police Department at 701.777.3491 or via email at Daniel.weigel.2@und.edu.