UND Nickname List Cut to 5, "North Dakota" is Out

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The UND Nickname Task Force cut their list of 7 potential nicknames to 5 Tuesday night.

The five finalists to replace Fighting Sioux are: Fighting Hawks, Nodaks, North Stars, Roughriders and Sundogs.

Green Hawks and North Dakota were eliminated.

The five remaining names will be passed on to UND President Robert Kelley, who can cut or add names to that final list, before a public vote is taken.

It is anticipated that the final voting process will take place after students and faculty have returned to the UND campus, one of several recommendations also submitted by the committee for President Kelley’s consideration. The University will announce the details of the voting process in the near future. The process for developing a potential logo has not yet been determined, and the University is not accepting or retaining any logo submissions at this time.