Driver Dead After Train Hits Truck In Moorhead

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Clay County officials say two witnesses saw a truck go through the crossing arms after they were down.

The train was unable to stop in time, striking the vehicle and pushing it down the track. Officials say the call came in right before 9 a.m. Saturday, at 60th Ave. S. in Moorhead after a train struck a vehicle.

The truck was fully engulfed in flames, firefighters could not reach it due to the position of the train.

No one on the train was injured. Officials say they believe the driver was in the truck at the time of the crash, but do not believe he survived.

They are still investigating at this time. The crossing of 60th Ave. S and Highway 75 will be closed until it is complete.

BNSF Officials say a typical two man crew was on the train at the time. The company will be conducting its own investigation and work with local law enforcement. At this time, officials say the crossing arms and lights were believed to be working.

At this point, officials don't know how fast the train was going but say typically it takes a freight train about 1 mile to stop. The train wasn't carrying anything in the cars.