Fargo's Woodhaven residents report problems with contracted mail carrier

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Some people living in South Fargo's Woodhaven Development aren’t getting their mail when they go to their mailbox.

“There’s three mailboxes there and any given day, I could get my neighbors here, I get my neighbors there, I could get my neighbors there, or I could get my neighbors there,” Mike Amerman explains.

Amerman said he’s lived in the neighborhood for several years and has never experienced anything like this.

"I'm actually having to be the one to double check to make sure it's right. I'm opening up. I'm getting the right mail and I'm opening up the right mail and if not, I'm having to deliver the mail to the right people,” Amerman said.

On a private Facebook group full of Woodhaven Neighbors, dozens of people are talking about the issue.

Fargo Postmaster Greg Johnson said he’s aware of the complaints and says he’s proceeding with caution in how this situation is handled.

Johnson wasn’t able to comment further, but said he will tell Valley News Live how the problem is going to be fixed on Wednesday, December 9.