Cellphones: How Much Is Too Much? Cellbow, Text Claw, Text Neck On The Incline

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Experts say an unconscious part of our everyday lives is causing many to suffer. For the average person, it's 3 hours of texting, calling, posting, and scrolling every single day. In fact, studies show babies as young as 6-months old are able to use a smart phone.

Valley news team's Nicole Johnson spoke with an expert who says you could be suffering from screen overload, without even knowing.

Cell phone addiction has a name, nomophobia. It's when you get anxious without being able to send a text, or take a call. We wanted to know how much is too much. So, we tracked our usage.

Kyle bosh from the Valley Today, uses his phone around 2 hours a day, and picks it up around 50 times. I topped 2 and a half hours and pick it up around 300 times a day.

"I definitely think that's too much,” says Amanda Helgoe, a physical therapist with Bodyworks. She says you don't have to be addicted, even casual users could be suffering without even knowing it.

"Cellbow, from holding your cell phone up by your ear for too long, Text Claw, from like if I can use your cell phone, from having your hand at this unnatural position for so long, and supporting your cellphone with your pinky."

She sees people with tendinitis, wrist injuries, and most often, text neck. That’s from holding your phone too low, and looking down.

Helgoe says the right way is to hold your phone at eye level, using a different finger. To prevent further problems, she says alternate which hands and fingers you use, "I think just listening to your body, if your texting a lot and your wrist starts to hurt, maybe it's time to stop."

If you want to see how much you use your phone, we tracked using an app called Moment. There's also a feature you can use to track screen time for the whole family.