Tammy Sadek Reveals New Details Into Son's Death

Tammy Sadek spoke Monday morning on KFGO radio to discuss new details into her son Andrew's death. Sadek indicated she wasn't comfortable with the North Dakota's BCI and Minnesota's BCA investigation into his disappearance and intimately his death. She talks about the fact that the BCI had said publicly that Andrew was found in the same clothes he went missing in. However, Tammy Sadek said the family reviewed documents and pictures and said that statement was not true. Sadek also says she believe's Andrew's death was a homicide.

Andrew Sadek went missing while under investigation by SEMCA for selling small amounts of pot. He was also a student at NDSCS in Wahpeton. SEMCA is a multi-county drug task force.

The investigation into his death has drawn sharp criticism of SEMCA, their tactics and secretive nature. NDSCS officials have admitted to Valley News Live they knew agents with SEMCA were operating on their campus but did nothing to stop them. The director of campus police at NDSCS also sits on the board of directors for SEMCA and also calls into question the cozy nature of the relationship of the organizations.

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