Storm strands 40-member church group from Fargo, Casselton on PA Turnpike

Katina Peterson
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(Valley News Live) UPDATE:
The buses are on the move again but a different route will bring the group home.

They're estimated arrival time back to Fargo is 4 p.m. Sunday.

A group of 34 teenagers, six adult chaperones from Fargo and Casselton, along with two bus drivers have been stranded on the Pennsylvania Turnpike since Friday night.

The group traveled to Washington D.C. for the March of Life anti-abortion rally this week.

Katina Peterson of Casselton tell Valley News Live they became stranded around 9 p.m. Friday night (8 p.m. Eastern) after multiple accidents involving semis jack-knifed ahead of them.

They are stuck in the westbound lane of I-70-I-76 just West of Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Peterson said the National Guard has consistently stopped by their buses to check on everyone and make sure there is enough water and food.

Everyone is safe, passing the time with homework, movies and card games.

The National Guard did allow them to step off the bus and stand in front of it Saturday afternoon to get some fresh air.

The roads are being cleared and vehicles will be moved up a little bit at a time.

Peterson said the snow is at least knee high deep and still coming down. She added that they may not be able to get moving until dark at the earliest.

The group includes members of Saint Leo Catholic Church in Casselton, Holy Spirit Catholic Church and St Anne & Joachim Catholic Church in Fargo.

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