Sports Bubble Remains Deflated Until The New Year

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The only bubble structure in the Fargo-Moorhead area will be down longer than expected. The Sports Bubble deflated in early December.

The collapse caused damage to the inside of the facility. Owners are in the process of fixing the popular golf and recreation spot.

The damage inside looks more like a war zone than an indoor driving range.

"It looks like a bomb went off," said Sports Bubble Owner Jeff Olson.

Olson says it was a mechanical issue that burst the bubble. The bubble's inner layer of insulation is hanging from the upper deck and glass from broken lights were on the floor.

"All of our hearts dropped with the bubble," said Olson.

The Sports Bubble popping has done more than just structural damage. The lights, the upper deck and also possibly the turf will all have to be replaced which can be a lot to a small business during their busiest time of year.

"It has taken a little longer than we like and during the holiday season it;s pretty tough. Mid-December is when we start picking up for the year. Our busy season is the winter months, so the timing is kind of poor but there is not much we can do," said Olson.

They are working with an insurance company and are very grateful for the man helping repair the building: Bubble Bob.

"He has been a ray of sunshine here in the month of December," said Olson.

Bubble Bob, the nickname for Bob Jessome, says this isn't the worst bubble damage he has seen but it is taking longer to fix due to the holiday season.

"A lot of the suppliers are shut down for the season or shut down on Monday. So we couldn't get a firm assessment of the materials we need until we get the dome inflated. We're just kind of partially inflating it to work on it," said Worldwide Air Structure Assistance Company, Bob Jessome.

Jessome says the bubble will be fully repaired after the first of the year. This isn't the first time the bubble has burst. It went down 15-years ago after a strong thunderstorm.

The golf shop is still open with limited hours. To find out their hours call the Sports Bubble at 701-280-0824 or visit their website.