Some parents opt their kids out of state testing

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) As the end of another year school approaches, one more hurdle for students across the country and right here in the Valley looms: state standardized testing. In recent years, school districts across the country have reported some parents are choosing to opt their kids out of the testing.

Fargo mom Kristin Durham said even though she home schools her children, she’s familiar with standardized testing.

Durham said taking the tests is something home school parents toggle with as they’re making decisions about their kid’s education.

"You can still test your kids if you want to see where they're placing in national standards for your own information,” Durham said.

Minnesota Department of Education and North Dakota Office of Public Instruction both said there are ways for parents to keep their kids from taking the test. They can keep them home from school or object in writing.

Fargo Sylvan Learning Center Director Jennifer Wilkie said her organization doesn’t have an opinion for or against state tests.

"If parents bring in the state test results, it's one piece of information that helps us understand what this child could potentially need if they come to us,” Wilkie said.

"We’re all different. We’re all individual people. Some people are great with their hands and some people are great with their minds. Those tests don't cater to certain abilities that we have. It's very specific,” Durham said.

Several school across the Valley told us parents have not expressed the desire to opt their kids out of the state testing which begins this week.