Social media helps family go to Twins game after tickets were stolen

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It's been a memorable weekend for a Thief River Falls family after having all seven of their Twins tickets stolen from them.

The Twins helped get their tickets re-issued but that wasn't the only surprise the Enge family enjoyed at Target Field.

Allie Enge's son, Nolan, was named the Ball Kid for the game on Saturday.

He was able to talk to the players and then bring the ball to the mound.

It was a sight that brought the Enge family to tears after a family vacation was nearly ruined.

"We all know social media, the evils of it, and here is one of those things where hey, it could be a good thing used in the right context," Allie Enge said.

A one of a kind family trip to the cities for a Twins game is devastated after learning their tickets were stolen.

The Thief River Falls family spent more than $1,000 on seven tickets to Saturday's Twins-Chicago Cubs game only to have them snatched from a pickup.

A fun filled family weekend, joining the crowd at Target Field.

"We wanted good seats. Nolan wanted to go before, get autographs, catch some balls, meet some of the players," Allie Enge said.

It's a rare trip for the whole Enge family.

Nolan's grandpa planned the whole thing, even purchasing the tickets for $1,300.

A cost that was worth it to celebrate a family who has overcome some troubling obstacles.

"On June 13th of 2012, I had major brain surgery. We remember that time don't we? It was pretty bad so this was our time to say hey, we made it."

Then bad news struck the Enge's family plans.

Someone took all seven twins tickets out of grandpa's pickup.

"He didn't know what to think. He was pretty mad. Grandpa was pretty upset and he was disappointed and disappointed in himself," Allie said.

Police were called but nothing.

The family tried but Ticket King would not reissue the stolen tickets.

Allie had one last idea. She turned to social media to tell her story.

"I was really, at this point, desperate."

A story that was shared hundreds of times in just a few hours and then it got to the perfect person.

"There was a text message from someone on my phone saying, "hey I saw your story about your Twins tickets. That's awful," Allie said.

It was someone with the Twins and willing to display some Minnesota nice.

"When we hear stories like that, it's heart breaking. Especially when you're talking to our fans. A family who has had dramatic things happen and wanted to make the Twins a part of the celebration," Kevin Smith, Senior Director of Corporate Communications & Broadcasting with the Twins, said.

The Twins would take care of it from there, cancelling the stolen tickets and reissuing new ones.

Game on!

"We can't believe it. We thought we'd be sitting in our hotel room watching the Twins game and here we're going to be there," Allie said.

All thanks to hundreds online who shared to the just the right person.

Given this story, it's recommended to watch out for second-hand ticket sales.

If the offer is too good to be true, it probably is.