Slow Down To Get Home Quicker, Avoid Accidents

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Slowing down is what can get you home quicker according to the North Dakota State Highway Patrol. Drivers on I-94 had to sit and wait in rush hour traffic Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Thursday evening, traffic was moving along just fine which was much different from Wednesday. The highway looked like a Fargodome parking lot after a Bison game. The North Dakota Highway Patrol said accidents are more common during rush hour and that’s causing the backups.

"For the most part they are rear end collisions. People are coming up on the slower or stopped traffic at too fast a speed and people are not paying attention to what is going on in front of them,” explained State Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind.

Niewind said I-94 near University and 25th Street sees a lot of traffic, along with the I-29/94 interchange.

"A majority of our traffic in the Fargo-Moorhead area takes the Interstate when they go some place,” said Niewind.

Just last week Highway Patrol responded to 18 crashes on the interstates, which is above average during this time of the year. The ND DOT said despite growth, traffic flow is not a problem yet. The Minnesota DOT said the increase of traffic near Moorhead has led to a big change coming at the Highway 75 and I-94 interchange. Reconstruction of that area will begin next year.

Niewind said remember to give yourself space while on the Interstate.

"Try and increase those following distances gives you more reaction time to what is happening in front of you,” explained Niewind.
Highway Patrol added once you see their lights and cars, get into the next lane. They also said to slow down while going past a crash scene but it does not always have to be at a snail’s pace.
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