Schedules Will Soon Change At Fargo Middle Schools

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Your child's school schedule may soon be changing. The schedule change is for middle schoolers in the Fargo Public School district. It would add a period to the end of the day for band, choir, orchestra, and intervention classes. Currently that time is being offered at the beginning of the day. Some parents are concerned kids who are involved in music and sports will end up having to choose. Just over 2,400 students will be impacted by this change.

Music is life in the Kaese household and the mother of two middle school students, Anne, is upset with the new schedule change.

"Switching it to the end of the day, you are just taking one box from the front of the train and putting it on the back of the train. I don't see this as a research based option," said Anne Kaese.

Fargo Public Schools Associate Superintendent Robert Grosz says the change will help students who need extra time with teachers and allow more students to participate in activities.

"It will provide us to help all students in all curricular areas. It would help all students if they need that intervention, but will also help all students be involved in intramural clubs, activities or music if that is what they choose," said Grosz.

Parents like Kaese disagree. They worry that sports and away games may force student athletes to miss the new period because of travel. The district says otherwise.

"It would not create choices. Students would be a part of music, intervention, only when that period is done, students will participate in extra curricular activities," said Grosz.

The district won't make students stay for the added period, buses will run after both periods 8 and 9.

"So the question then is if they're not coming to school early and not staying after school should intervention be part of school?" Kaese asked.

According to Grosz's post on the Fargo Public School Blog, 30% of the middle school students aren't proficient in reading and math. He says this extra time would be good for all students.

"At any particular time, a student needs a little bit more or help in certain areas. I don't think it is for one particular group of students we're trying to create the best schedule that will meet the needs for all of our students," said Grosz.

A debate is likely to continue between parents and school officials. Concerns like sports travel and attendance in the last period of the day are just a few of the many concerns Fargo parents have. If you have similar concerns, there are two more informational meetings: one on Friday at Carl Ben Eielson and Monday at Discovery. Both meetings will be at 6 pm.