Saving Money On Prom

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Between the dress, shoes, tux rental and dinner, the price of prom can quickly add up. But thankfully now there's a number of ways to save some green without giving up looking good.

Have a friend with a beautiful dress? Borrowing or even buying it after one use can be a way to save money.

Instead of paying to have your nails done, get a group of friends together and do it yourself. Painting each others nails can be not only a way to save your money but also a fun way to get excited for the dance.

Dresses can be expensive when shopping around, but they don't have to be. Places like JCPenney are having sales that could save you big bucks.

"We have all different kinds of styles and colors, long dresses, short dresses, to the colors they want, materials they want, and great prices." Says General Manager David Spinks. "All of our dresses are 40% off, and if you shop Sunday through Tuesday (April 26-28) it's our 'Friends & Family' event. Use your JCPenney card and get an extra 25% the already low prices."

This morning the Valley Today's Kristi Larson had on five different dresses, the most expensive one was only $150.

By saving money on a dress it could help you use those extra dollars in other areas. JCPenney could be the one stop shop you are looking for as Sephora and a salon are both in the store. Look for salon coupons also on select dresses.

We didn't forget about the men. Instead of renting a tux consider buying a suit. The investment of a nice suit will pay off as many high schoolers would need a suit for college, interviews and future jobs.

Prom should be a time for students, and parents, to enjoy without the now common financial stress. By looking for sales and thinking ahead it could help you save money and feel great on the big night.