Road Realization: Keeping An Eye Out for Motorcyclists

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Deadly motorcycle crashes happen every year and as we slowly see warmer weather, we'll see more bikes on the road. A Minnesotan already lost his life in an accident this year. North Dakota doesn't have any deadly bike crashes yet. But it's a good reminder to pay attention on the road.

Whitney Haugen, from West Fargo, and her family are one of hundreds, that came to the FM Crusader Motorcycle Show over the weekend. At only 3-years-old, their little boy is already in love with the sport. But for mom, it's a tough decision when to take him riding.

"Worried about if that's the right thing to do and what might happen. My 6-month-old here, when I was pregnant with her last summer, I rode and you worry about what might happen," says Haugen, "It definitely changes the way you look at safety."

She's not the only parent who worries about the road. When it comes to safety, every motorcyclist I talked with said they wished drivers paid more attention when they are on the roads. For drivers, it can be hard to see motorcyclist, especially when they're in a blind spot. Which is why motorcyclist are asked to wear bright colors, helmets and pay attention to weather conditions and drivers are asked to pay attention, every time they hop in the car.

"We're not out there to take chances, we're out there to enjoy the passion for motorcycles," says Chad Hehn.

North Dakota does require motorcyclist to take a test for a permit. But many riders also recommend taking a 8-hour class that shows you how to ride safely and can help you earn your license.