Restaurant Report Card - June 16

It's Tuesday, which means a check up on the local eateries in this weeks Valley News Live Restaurant Report Card.

Pasta, Red Sauce and Olive oil are all important ingredients in Italian Food. The first stop in this weeks report is at Grazie's Pasta Company in South Fargo.

They were inspected on Monday and failed with one critical and two non-critical violations. The critical violation did not directly deal with food, but their menus. There menus did not have a consumer advisory on them about eating under cooked foods such as fish and meat.
The manager on duty tell us that they are in the process of having their menus remade and in the meantime, temporary signs are now posted.

The next stop is a newer restaurant to the Fargo area; Liberian Merry Go Round African Restaurant in South Fargo. This restaurant serves unique dishes from counties in West Africa.

"You will find potatoes grains, soup,dry rice and fish like fried fish and stuff like that. Like I said it's a African restaurant but is open to everybody," said Liberian Merry Go Round African Restaurant manager, Sam Dobson.

In their inspection they were cited two critical and three non-critical. The critical offenses involved not date marking items in their cooler as well as storing personal food items in there and also no sanitizing chemical in one of sinks during inspection.

"We correct the labeling the food of the fridge and now we got a tester for every time we put bleach in the water," said Dobson.

Dobson adds, the inspector came early in the day and they just didn't have time to add the bleach in the sink.

This weeks clean plate award goes to a Marlin's Family Restaurant in North Fargo. Their past two inspections they have had zero violations.
The general manager of the Marlin's says his staff is a large reason why they had zero violations.

"My people work very hard at it everyday. We have routine and deep cleans daily," said Marlin's Family Restaurant General Manager, Steve Franek.

Marlin's Family Restaurant is open until 10 p.m. and located off Interstate 29 near NDSU.