Quality Bakery Closing After 92 Years

Pete Fendt of Quality Bakery
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A 92-year old Fargo bakery will be closing at the end of April. Quality Bakery, located on South University Drive, will close April 30.

Owners Pete and Marcene Fendt have owned the establishment since 1982. Pete says they have been trying to sell the building for the past seven years. They were hoping to have someone else own the bakery, but that did not happen.

Pete says he told the bakery’s 17 employees right away before the business was even sold. Fendt says he is helping all of the employees get new jobs.

“It’s bittersweet. My wife won’t miss working the night shift, I really didn't mind it. I will miss the people though,” said Pete.

Pete and Marcene have already started to get their resumes ready and begin the search for new jobs as well.