Proposed Physical Education Standards in North Dakota Schools

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North Dakota's Department of Public Instruction is looking for public comment about the state's proposed new physical education standards.

The standards list physical skills that a young person should have at certain grade levels. For example, a second grader is expected to be able to run and kick a moving ball several times, and catch a large ball with his or her hands.

Gail Schauer is the department's Assistant Director for Safe and Healthy Schools.

"In school we always think of just sitting in a chair or sitting at a desk and not moving, we want them to be moving, we need to do that too throughout the day to make sure that we get up and move.”

Schauer says the standards should be part of a broader plan to encourage physical activity.

"We are hoping that schools will put together a comprehensive school activity plan, with phy ed being the foundation of that plan, so that kids are active both in phy ed and throughout their school day," Schauer explains.

A new draft of the standards has been posted on the department's website. We've attached the full proposal to this story. North Dakotans who want to comment about the standards can take a survey via the link attached to this story.

"After the second comment period is completed then the phy ed team will come together again, look at the comments, and make their final draft."

The comment deadline is April 20.