Preparing For Your First Run

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We are now entering the time when races are being scheduled nearly every weekend, and if your friends are getting signed up now's a good time to start training as well.

Before taking off, the first thing you need is appropriate running shoes. Read our Healthier Me story on how to choose the right ones attached to this story.

Trainers say one thing many people forget about using are the special features on treadmills. Run-Centric Coordinator Matt Melchior at Family Wellness says their new treadmills are designed to help with whatever goal you have in mind.

"These machines are just like your own personal trainer," Matt says, "they go through everything for you step by step. You can have different workouts on here, from 5k's to 10K's to anything you want to do."

But don't just jump on and expect to run multiple miles your first time.

"You want to start slow." Matt explains. "Know your body, know yourself, know your limits and don't put on 5 miles your first time on a treadmill. Start at one maybe build up to 1.5 until you build up enough for that race day."

And it's not just about the running, but preparing your whole body.

"To help prevent those overuse injuries we really want to focus on building up your entire body and using your full strength." Matt says. "You want to focus on full body workouts, not just logging a ton of miles."

After any workout trainers say stretching is important to help your body get recovered after tough workouts. Stretching is just as important as anything else when training.

Lastly trainers suggest joining a running group or training with friends, for another way to get motivation. FSR Fargo Marathon Training is one group that helps all abilities. Contact them by email at or on Facebook by searching for: Faster. Stronger.Runner. Training Group. FSR's newsletter is attached to this story.