Parents take safety precautions with their kids hitting the ice

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FARGO, N.D. Moving into March, means moving out those ice houses in Minnesota. With warmer weather and the danger of thin ice, some families are taking precautions.

Luckily, some kids in North Dakota are getting more time on the ice to learn all about the fishing sport and how to stay safe! Nearly 200 people came out for the Youth Ice Fishing Derby held by the Fargo Park District. With a high 27 degrees, one of the warmer days we've had in a while -- we found some parents aren't taking any chances of thin ice.

With nearly 80 families out on Woodhaven Pond, a total of 29 fish were hooked. The biggest caught; a 27 inch northern pike!

"I was messing around, heard my pole move, and then I caught it,” said Jacob Hardy, who lives in Fargo.

This isn't Hardy's first time ice fishing. It's a sport he shares with his dad every winter.

"It's just a nice day; it's a reason to get outside with the kids and enjoy the weather,” said Trent Hardy.

With 24 inches of ice, many families weren't concerned with falling through. But, it didn't stop the Hardy’s from taking security measures of their own.

"You got to be safe and not take any unnecessary risks,” said Trent. “If I don't think it's safe, we walk out, we don't drive out."

"You just usually have a rope, life jackets, and a sled,” said Hardy.

Hardy said, the clearer the ice, the sturdier it is.

"It’s rock solid ice,” said event organizer Craig Bjur. “Really crystal clear ice is what you want and that's what we have. You know, in the next few weeks when it really starts to warm up, that's when people really got to start being concerned. And, anytime you move out to water that's when ice safety is really crucial to be paying attention to where you're going."

By keeping safety in mind, "more worried about it being cold than falling through the ice,” said Trent.

The Fargo park district told us this was their eighth Youth Ice Fishing Derby and they’re already planning on holding this event again next year.