UPDATE: Parents move forward with plans to initiate recall election of Barnes County North School Board Members

Left: Lori Carlson, Right: Dan Sizer

WIMBLEDON, ND (Newsdakota.com and Valley News Live) - UPDATE: In a packed meeting, Curt Brown spoke for the more than two dozen parents who showed up at the BCN School Board Meeting.

Brown said parents are fed up with an arrogant and uncooperative board, who they think forced Superintendent, Principal, and Activities Director Mark Lindahl to retire at the end of the current school year.

"The contention between Mr. Lindahl and the board has been to the point where he doesn't feel like he can work with them anymore. His decision to not return next year was based solely on the problems with the board, in my opinion," Brown said.

Parents said the school board refused to let the students speak at the meeting. Valley News Team's Cornelius Hocker spoke to Bailey Brown, an 11th grader at BCN, who said she and her classmates want Mr. Lindahl to know that they support him.

"I didn't want him to think that based on what the board thought of his review, that that's how the students, parents, and staff thought of him. We think of him as more than insufficient and he's a really awesome guy," Bailey Brown said.

Valley New Live will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Parents in the Barnes County North school district will be asking for a recall of school board members during a meeting Wednesday night.

Curt Brown is a parent of students at Barnes County North and will be speaking on behalf of all parents who want a recall election.

“The parents are not happy with the school board’s performance. They have a long-standing history of micro-managing administration, they’ve been talked about it repeatedly, they have refused to change their behavior and so there’s going to be a recall election initiated,” Brown explains to Newsdakota.com.

Brown pointed out that they will be asking for the recall of School Board Chairwoman Lori Carlson and Dan Sizer. He said current Administrator and Superintendent Mark Lindahl is stepping down because of the actions of the school board.

“The board’s behavior and action has caused us to lose an extremely well-liked and valuable administrator in Mr. Lindahl. He doesn’t just hold one position, he is superintendent, high school principal and activities director. We are losing three positions solely based on behavior of the board,” Brown said.

Members can be recalled if 25 percent of the voters approve the recall. The meeting will be held Wednesday night at the Barnes County North School starting at 7:00 p.m.

Lori Carlson, President of the Barnes County North School Board.
Dan Sizer, Barnes County North School Board member
Mark Lindahl, Superintendent, High School Principal and Activities Director for Barnes County North.