Paranormal Investigation: New York Mills

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The Midwest Outer Realm followers and Valley Today's Kristi Larson along with photographer Norman Bell, did an investigation at the Regional Cultural Center. The building was built back in 1885. Some past employees say they've had experiences there, so we checked it out.

Right away pods that are supposed to detect spirits went off in rooms nobody was in. That sound of the detectors was captured, you can hear the whole group heads down into the basement to start and the pod on the main floor went off four times quickly.

Our next experience was upstairs where we were asking questions, and finally got an answer. Investigator Steven Little asked, "Did you ever take a trip on the train?"

About four seconds after a woman's voice that is not Kristi's then says, "Yea."

It's a faint voice and sounded distant, but Steven heard it and it was captured on the recorder.

We then headed to the basement where we started to have uneasy feelings. Kristi Larson felt like some one was standing right behind her, continuing to look around her to see if someone was there.

"I know the furnace is on, so I know i'm hearing that, but I keep feeling like someone is standing right behind me." Kristi says.

Moving to a different side of the basement Steve, investigator Terry Birnbaum and Kristi all felt uneasy.

"Just a really tense, a lot of pressure, very heavy, it's slightly uncomfortable." Terry says.

Kristi described it as a feeling like her heart was sinking in her chest, and there was no explanation because the feeling went away when they left the basement.

But it wasn't until towards the end of the investigation that they got the biggest piece of evidence. While having a normal conversation about other places they would like to investigate, a loud bang came from the corner. Eric Moen, Kristi and Norman were all in he basement and were startled. Terry and Steven were two floors above and didn't make the noise.

You can hear the bang on the audio recording. Nothing was caught on camera other than the three's reaction as Kristi was sitting in front of the area where the noise came from.

"It wasn't a rustling or falling, it's was something purposely moved an object, down there, it's what i'd call a poltergeist activity." Eric says.

We tried to recreate the sound by pushing objects in the corner we heard it come from, and found the same noise. It was a board that knocked against the cement wall, but you had to push it with force to make the same noise. The boards wouldn't have moved on their own as no one was near them, and no wind is in the basement.

Overall there were a few items of evidence, and Kristi says she was certainly startled by the wood being knocked against the wall, but all agreed this building wasn't a scary place to be. Eric and his team say they just think there's some activity and unknown visitors interested in what they were doing there.