POV on "Yes Means Yes"

It's a different approach to solving what some consider an epidemic -- sexual assaults on college campuses. The approach is to get couples to sign an agreement that they will have sex only when it's consensual. The contract states that you need to take a picture with your partner and the contract, fill out the form, and agree to always use protection. The University of Minnesota is adopting the "Yes Means Yes" model.

Just about a year ago a sexual assault task force was adopted after two rapes at Minnesota State University-Moorehead. Though the task force has not specifically discussed the "Yes means Yes" affirmative consent rule, the co-chair of the MSUM task force on sexual assault says the model has some possibilities.

California passed the first law, requiring colleges to adopt the new "Yes Means Yes" language. Since then lawmakers in more than a dozen states, including Minnesota, have introduced similar legislation. The Minnesota bill failed this spring.