Oxygen Bar Pops Up In Fargo

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Oxygen bars have been popular through out the United States over the past 20 years and now a new bar has popped up in Fargo. Its only been open for a couple of weeks, but so far "Sports Vape" has been very popular.

Pretty colors and wonderful scents fill your senses when you walk into the Sports Vape on South University drive. An oxygen bar has a compressor that purifies air and mixes it with aroma therapy.

"If your ever tired, migraine, have a headache and I'm not gonna say cure it but ease some of those issues," says Sports Vape Owner Darius Endres.

At the Oxygen bar, all you do is sit down, pick your oil, put on you disposable tube and just breath for 5 to 20 minutes.

"Some people will come in before going to the gym or really tired and had a long day at work or some people come in if they had to much to drink the night before, it has all kinds of benefits to it," says Endres.

21% of the air that you breath in contains oxygen and oxygen bar proponents claim the purified oxygen helps relax and increase energy levels. Medical professionals say as long as you are healthy it is not necessary take in extra oxygen.

"Not for the benefits of the oxygen...maybe there are other benefits but not for the oxygen," says Sanford Registered Respiratory Therapist Gary Axness.

Sports Vape Customers feel the aroma therapy and oxygen helps them even if there is no actual scientific benefit.

"I like the rejuvenated factor while I'm doing it and afterwards," says Sports Vape Customer Wesley Kern.

Kern says the oxygen bar is has helped him quit smoking and gives him energy when he works his long shifts.
The Sports Vape owners know the oxygen bar is more of a luxury than a necessity.

"You can get the oxygen you need without coming here, you can. I'm not gonna lie about that but for someone that is tired or has a migraine and wants ease their body and cleanse their system this will help."

The oxygen bar at Sports Vape is open to anyone 16 and older and costs a dollar a minute to use, with a max of 20 minutes.