OtterBox Says They Won’t be Creating Otter-Proof Phone Case

In a response to a story posted on, OtterBox Public Relations announced they will not be starting work on an otter-proof phone case.

Valley News Live shared a photo on Thursday taken by a viewer at the Red River Zoo. Apparently someone trying to take a picture of the otters dropped their iPhone into the exhibit. The otter proceeded to rip apart the OtterBox protecting the phone, dropping the phone in the water, and chewing on it.

Zoo-goers got a good laugh about the irony, and the story provided comic relief for Valley News Live viewers, of course, not expecting a phone case of any kind to stand up against a wild animal.

On Friday, Valley News Live received a news release from OtterBox with the headline “OtterBox engineers start work on ‘otter-proof’ case (pending ability to get otter in-house for testing)”

The release goes on to say “In light of recent otter attacks on OtterBox cases, our engineers are hard at work to create a truly "otter-proof" case. While OtterBox previously offered an "otter-tested" case, it proved not to be very popular due to limited human-otter interactions.”

The news release is all in good fun. As we read on, the disclaimers at the bottom get to the point:

DISCLAIMERS: OtterBox is not actually investigating the possibility of an otter-proof case. We are completely kidding and highly recommend that people do not approach wild or zoo-bound otters with their smartphones or otherwise (see teeth-strength data above).”

OtterBox cases (with the exception of Preserver Series) are not intended to be waterproof. OtterBox offers a wide variety of protective solutions to guard against drop, dings, scratches and other daily mishaps. We do not test our cases for resistance to teeth, claws, beaks, etc.

OtterBox does not recommend or endorse the testing of cases with wild animals, including otters. The video above was conducted in conjunction with trained otter handlers and an actual waterproof case.

The referenced data includes fun facts about otters including, “River otter teeth are some of the strongest, as their canines can deliver a lethal bite and molars can crush bones and the shells of mollusks.” And… “River otter diets include birds, small rodents, frogs, crabs and fish…””and apparently phone cases.”