North Dakota medical cannabis petition deadline approaching

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) It's crunch time for those signing a petition in favor of the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act of 2016.

North Dakota requires a minimum of around 13,450 signatures by Monday morning.

The Valley News team spoke with those who are leading the charge to get legalizing medicinal cannabis on the November ballot.

The signed petitions are heading to Bismarck to determine the future of medical cannabis in North Dakota.

The state requires a minimum of around 13,000 signatures but the petitions in Fargo are just part of the over 17,000 names.

"We had such support from hundreds of people that were gathering signatures throughout the state plus the thousands of people who ultimately signed the petitions," says Rilie Raymond Morgan III, the Committee Chair.

The petition signing started last December with dedicated men and women standing outside wherever people gathered holding clipboards ready for signing.

"The hours people have spent in the cold, in the hot, in the sticky with pens that freeze up it was so cold," says Anita Morgan, a committee member.

And those working with the Morgans in favor of medical cannabis say it's all for a great cause.

"It's about helping North Dakotans who have medical issues," says Rilie.

The North Dakota Compassionate Care Act would make it legal to use medical cannabis for illnesses like cancer, AIDS, chronic pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, post traumatic stress, crohn's Disease and many others with the dosage catering to a patients specific needs.

25 states and the District of Columbia have already legalized it giving doctors another option of treatment for their patients.

"Our doctors would love the opportunity to have an open discussion with their patients," adds Anita.

"There's different components of medical marijuana. We have to show people the different components and how they can help North Dakotans," says Rilie

The signatures will be given to the North Dakota Secretary of Stateon Monday morning to be reviewed over the next 30-days.

That review will determine if the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act will be on the November ballot.