North Dakota Medical Marijuana Petitioners Prepping to Circulate

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Nearly 13,500 signatures are needed for medical marijuana in North Dakota to be up for vote and Ray Morgan has no doubt they'll get there.

"Just the outpouring of support we've gotten in the last two months has just been overwhelming," Morgan, ND Medical Marijuana Sponsoring Committee Chairperson, said.

Don't go looking online to sign your name if you're with him.

This petition needs in person signatures since the state doesn't do online petitions.

"A bit unfortunate but maybe at some point the technology will be there," Morgan said.

A knock on the door and various events will help get the job done but they haven't started yet.

Morgan said their committee will take extra caution, choosing those who want to help petition wisely, to make sure all names signed are real.

"We're going to do some checking on them as well to make sure they're on the up and up."

Even if the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act gets every last autograph needed, Morgan knows the roadblocks will continue.

"Our attorney general, he's totally against it. Some law enforcement of course will be against it but I think we'll overcome it ultimately."

Doctors too, will be another challenge if it passes.

"It's my understanding that Essentia is not going to allow doctors to do it. We've contacted Sanford but we haven't heard anything from the," Morgan said.

Minnesota has approved medical marijuana but the issue also faced struggles with tough restrictions and a lack of doctors willing to prescribe.

It won't stop Morgan or his team from going out and getting this signed.

"13,453 I believe," Morgan said.

To give North Dakotans the first opportunity to decide.

Attached to this story is the link to the article with the petition along with the Facebook page.